Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art

Rebecca's first book is published by Bloomsbury Sigma

Book of The Week The Times

“If you read only one book about the Neanderthals, read this one”

“A superbly authoritative guided tour”

One of 2020s Best Books The Sunday Times

Fall Picks in Wall Street Journal, Newsweek


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Best Reviewed Science, Nature and Technology book of October 2020

The Times

“Rebecca Wragg-Sykes's fact-packed but highly readable book puts us right with a superbly authoritative guided tour of much new evidence... If you read only one book about the Neanderthals, read this one"

Wall Street Journal

"Intriguing...A bold & magnificent attempt to resurrect our Neanderthal kin"

"Like a conjurer channeling a reluctant genie [Wragg Sykes] generates a window into a strand of alternative human possibility"

New Scientist

"An exciting aspect of this book is the way it refreshes our ideas about our own place in hominin evolution."

"A fascinating picture of a field transformed almost beyond recognition over the past 30 years."


“Deeply researched twenty-first century portrait of the Neanderthals” 

“Vivid, immersive… Smashes stereotypes"

"“A quarter of the way through, I was longing to meet a Neanderthal.” 

The Spectator

"Wragg Sykes has performed something extraordinary in distilling [new data] into a commanding & wonderfully readable account"

"Evocations emerge from extensive science... Surprisingly moving"


"Impressive scope... Beautifully detailed" "Evaluates the available evidence on Neanderthals with empathy and even-handedness"

"A nuanced portrait...Brings something new to this discussion"

Bradshaw Foundation

"Kindred is beautifully written, it's convincing, and it's full of surprises."

"It employs the very latest science... Most importantly, it presents a fascinating story not just of Neanderthals but of ourselves"



"Mind-expanding popular science" "Splendidly engaging prose... Startlingly fresh"

"More than any other book in paleoanthropology I've read, Wragg Sykes convincingly blows up simplistic views".

Current Archaeology

"A fascinating family reunion"

"Wide-ranging... full of scientific detail but with a lightness of touch"

"Wragg Sykes writes with an evocative turn of phrase, deftly conjuring scenes"

British Archaeology

"Effortlessly marshalling a huge amount of evidence... [in] writing Kindred, Rebecca Wragg Sykes could be said to have found the Neanderthals."

"An outstanding first book. Archaeology has found a new story teller."


"[Wragg Sykes] knows the field, in all its burgeoning complexity"

"...sums up the case for Neanderthals' relative sophistication on the basis of considerable evidence from archaeology and related disciplines"


"Breathtaking in scope and beautifully written, Kindred establishes itself as the go-to popular work for a nuanced and current picture of Neanderthals." "Fascinating, accessible, and terribly exciting"

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