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Media and appearances

Rebecca is an accomplished speaker in diverse contexts including radio, television, podcasts, public outreach events, academic conferences and tours. She is happy to consider speaker requests; please contact PEW literary

Please contact Bloomsbury Sigma to arrange book-related appearances:


Montgomery Literature Festival, 9th June

Glastonbury Festival, 22-26th June

New Scientist Neanderthals tour, France (June, September)


Jaipur Literature Festival

BBC World Service, The Forum

RHLSTP: Richard Herring book podcast




Theatre 1532, Bristol, in conversation with Alice Roberts, 'Meetings with Neanderthals'

Online seminar series for Martin Randall Tours

Oxford University Natural History Museum, 'On Hobbits and Hominins'

Prehistoric Society and Leicester Fieldworkers, Leicester

Italian Embassy, Berlin (Premio Galileo nominees)

New Scientist Tour, Spain

New Scientist Live, London

Jersey Heritage

Finalist, Premio Galileo Awards, Padua, Italy

New Scientist 'Neanderthal Origins' tour, France

Uppsala University Lindqvist Lecture, Sweden

Centre for Paleogenetics and Stockholm Natural History Museum, Sweden

German book tour: Neanderthal Museum launch

HEAS Vienna

Daunt Books Festival, Otherlands with Thomas Halliday

Poetry Pharmacy, Shropshire

Denmark book tour: Aarhus University; Natural History Museum, Copenhagen; Historiske Dage, Copenhagen

Society of Antiquaries

Washington University


Laugharne Weekend festival

October Neandertales tour, Spain: Madrid, Museo Arqueológico Nacional; Museo de la Evolución Humana, Burgos; Universidad de Sevilla

Keynote, Cancer Research Institute Retreat

Norwich Science Festival

Genoa Science Festival

Jersey Festival

Creswell Crags Kindred paperback launch

York Festival of Ideas

Cheltenham Science Festival

Buxton Festival 

Eat Prey, Run: A live 'Neanderthal' Cook-Along

Bill Nye's Science Rules! podcast

New Scientist Weekly podcast 

7th March CBC Sunday Magazine

5th March Current Archaeology Live

20th February, Times Radio (speaking on Neanderthals)

19 February Swindon Science Festival

Leakey Foundation Origins Stories podcast

Alan Alda's Clear and Vivid podcast

30th January, Times Radio (speaking on The Dig)

28th January, BBC History Extra lecture

25th January, Infinite Monkey Cage, BBC Radio 4

22nd January, Clywd Powys Archaeological Trust talk

14th January, BBC Front Row


18th December, CBC Quirks and Quarks show

12th December, Nine Lessons and Carols with Robin Ince

11th December, KUER Radio West

8th December, SiriusXM Constant Wonder

7th and 14th December, Leonard Lopate show WNYC radio 

30th November, BBC Radio 4  Start the Week

19th November, Smithsonian Institution seminar

19th November, Tides of History podcast

18th November, Messums Gallery lecture

16th November, Creswell Crags live seminar 

15th November, Cosmic Shambles Genetics show

11th November, Symbiosis conference

10th November, American Museum of Natural History seminar

8th November, Newstalk History

7th November, Hong Kong Literary Festival

3rd November, FutureProof  Newstalk radio

27th October, Science Salon podcast with Michael Shermer

26th October, Background Mode podcast

13th October, Book Shambles, with Robin Ince

6th October, Down Ancient Trails seminar

1st October, University of Liverpool Evolutionary Anthropology


27th September, Science Cafe BBC Radio Wales

26th September, In conversation with Brian Cox, How To Academy

14th September BBC Radio 3 Freethinking

11th September History Hit Live 

30th August Newstalk interview 

28th August BBC Radio Ulster interview

Travels Through Time podcast: The Neanderthals and Their Wild Woodland World.

Big Issue North article on Neanderthal homes and landscapes

Life Lessons Festival

BBC Science Focus article on Neanderthal society 

27th August Who Were The Neanderthals?  Lecture for New Scientist. 

15th August History Hit Podcast: The Neanderthals

30th July Talking about Neanderthals for #GeneticsShambles on the Cosmic Shambles network

29th February New Scientist Instant Expert Human Origins day

5th February "Defrosting Neanderthals: 21st century perspectices" Research Seminar at University of Chester


Comment in media e.g. The Times, The Atlantic

Guest on BBC Radio 4 The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry and other podcasts

Panellist at British Science Festival

Panellist at PopPalaeo exhibition and debate 

Featured in Cosmic Superheroes exhibition

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