Media and appearances


Rebecca is an accomplished speaker in diverse contexts from academic conferences to public outreach events. She is happy to consider requests. 

Please contact Bloomsbury Sigma to arrange book-related appearances: 


** COVID-19 has meant my planned events for Kindred this in 2020 are currently somewhat up-ended, updates will be posted as they come in! **

27th August Who Were The Neanderthals? Ticketed online lecture for New Scientist. 

30th July Talking about Neanderthals for #GeneticsShambles on the Cosmic Shambles network

29th February New Scientist Instant Expert Human Origins day

5th February "Defrosting Neanderthals: 21st century perspectices" Research Seminar at University of Chester

Upcoming science festivals and events TBA



Comment in media e.g. The Times, The Atlantic

Guest on BBC Radio 4 The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry and other podcasts

Panellist at British Science Festival

Panellist at PopPalaeo exhibition and debate 

Featured in Cosmic Superheroes exhibition

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