Professional Services

Prehistoric archaeology

Rebecca has over a decade's experience as an archaeological researcher, specialising in early prehistory and the Neanderthals. She is also an expert in stone tool technology.

She is particularly interested in exploring the social and cognitive aspects of Neanderthal life, including their use of birch bark tar and hafting and aesthetic interactions with materials like bone and natural pigment.  

Rebecca is also fascinated by the history of science context for the discovery of Neanderthals. In 2018 she was invited to join the Anthropology Working Group for the Breakthrough Listen project, which examines how humanity could find and interpret an extra-terrestrial signal.

Research and consulting 

Rebecca undertakes freelance research and partners with organisations or projects requiring detailed understanding of prehistory.


Most recently this has included working with a feature film development company, and TIME STEAM, a University of Oxford project to get more prehistory into primary schools. 

Educational content and editing

Rebecca has worked on multiple books aimed at adults and children with Dorling Kindersley as a prehistory consultant and reviewer. 

They include Big History, History of the World Map by Map, and History Year By Year

Science communication 

In 2020, Rebecca appeared on the BBC podcast You're Dead To Me with Greg Jenner and Tim Minchin


For 2019's British Science Week Rebecca led the Women Write Science workshop.

Funded by the British Science Association and in association with Nottingham Writers Studio, this took place over two face-to-face sessions where Rebecca spoke about her career experience, gave budding popular science writers tips and ideas, followed by forum-based feedback on pitches.

Neanderthal AMA (Ask Me Anything!)

Want to to know if Neanderthals wore clothes, how they treated their dead, or if they could fall in love? Alongside formal consulting partnerships, Rebecca is very happy to work with individuals wanting specific advice.  

Recent skype consultations include advising a novellist writing about what a 20th century Neanderthal encounter would be like. 

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