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Other writing

Beyond her first book, Kindred, and academic publications, Rebecca has written for a number of outlets since 2012 on Neanderthals, archaeology and women in science. 

Her most recent pieces are a piece for BBC on the puzzle of Neanderthal aesthetics; an Opinion piece on the Nobel Prize award for palaeogenomics for The Guardian; Neanderthals and SETI for Broadcast magazine; book review for The New York Times; How accurate is The Dig?  for The Times, and Sheanderthal for Aeon.

Previous articles can be found at The Guardian, Time, AeonHistory Revealed, BBC Science Focus and Scientific American. 

She has also provided content for educational publishers including Dorling Kindersley


Her own blogging (pre-2020) is at The Rocks Remain

Full publication list available via CV. 

Academic publications via ResearchGate.

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