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 Rebecca's ability to bridge the gap between scientific expertise and captivating communication has been recognised with numerous awards.  She has experience working with diverse organisations in roles ranging from research and consultancy to content creation and expert guiding, and is happy to discuss project ideas.


Rebecca undertakes diverse freelance consultancy work with both organisations and individuals.

She provides research and content, expert advice, and works in creative collaborations relating to science, prehistory, archaeology, evolution and the role of women past and present.


Partners include museums, television and film companies, publishers, artists, fellow writers, novelists, illustrators and a toy manufacturer.

Project Experience


  • Scientific Advisor for forthcoming exhibition at Neanderthal Museum, Mettmann, Germany [2024 opening]

  • Consultant, major television company [2026 broadcast]

  • Designer and expert leader for New Scientist Discovery special interest 10 day tour “Neanderthal Origins and ancient caves” (France)



  • Project development, Neanderthal Museum, Mettmann, Germany

  • Consultant, major television company [2024 broadcast]

  • Consultant, major feature film company [2025 broadcast]

  • Consultant, BBC Homeschool History, Mary Anning episode

  • Consultant, Forgotten Stories project, Society of Antiquaries, Scotland

  • Consultant, Magic Cat books (children’s prehistory book)

  • Consultant, children's book illustrator



  • Researcher for National Trust project Transatlantic slave economy and Wales.

  • Consultant and writer, feature film company.



  • Consultant, Heart(h) project (leader Dr Peter Hommel), performative aspects of ancient craft and material engagement for public outreach, funded by TORCH (University of Oxford).



  • Consultant, National Trust exhibition Breaking Ground, highlighting women involved with Avebury, Keiller Museum.

  • Consultant for three Dorling Kindersley publications.



  • Project lead for Raising Horizons exhibition (TrowelBlazers), including research, creative content and crowdfunding.

Science Communication

As an award-winning author and public scholar, Rebecca is interested in the intersections between scientific and literary practice, and effective, engaging communication. 

In 2019 she led a workshop titled “Women Write Science” as part of British Science Week, and is active in current projects working directly with organisations and individuals in many contexts to develop original communications around archaeology and science more broadly.

When Women Write Science - Nottingham Writers Studio

Expert Tours & Seminars

Rebecca is passionate about sharing her knowledge in many contexts, including as an expert tour guide. 

She developed and leads a sell-out "Neanderthal and Origins of Art" tour for New Scientist, visiting key sites and museums across France, and is also listed as an expert guide for their Spanish Cave Art tour.

Rebecca also designed and delivered a four-week online seminar series on Neanderthals for Martin Randall Travel.


Rebecca has worked in various different educational contexts. In academic contexts, she has lectured in various settings, and created a Neanderthals course for the Oxford University School of Continuing Education.

Rebecca also has experience working on multiple educational and children’s books as a consultant writer, editor and reviewer including for Dorling Kindersely and Magic Cat.

Rebecca Wrag Sykes - Educational Writer, Editor & Reviewer
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