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Matriarcha: Prehistory Reimagined

Rebecca's second book, titled MATRIARCHA, was announced in January 2023 and reported in The Bookseller, Publisher's Marketplace and The Publishing Post

It will be a truly deep-time exploration of human history through the female line, moving backwards in time from late prehistory to our earliest hominin ancestors, some 5 million years ago,
"The richness and intimate variety of women's stories through prehistory are quite phenomenal, from the dazzling to the devastating, the majestic to the macabre.

Together they have a profound power to help us reimagine not only our past, but our future too."

MATRIARCHA will be published in 2025 in the UK and Commonwealth by Picador (Pam Macmillan), and the US and Canada by Simon's Books (Simon & Schuster).

Translations so far include Spanish, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Serbian and Romanian.

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