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Creative Collaborations

At the core of Rebecca’s professional activity is a commitment to drawing on her expertise in archaeology, science and communication to creatively engage and inspire the widest audiences possible, in particular through collaborative partnerships.


Rebecca has both advised on and collaboratively designed exhibitions in many contexts. This includes the Breaking Ground  exhibition for National Trust, Avebury, and a partnership with artist Leonora Saunders on Raising Horizons , where Rebecca not only controbuted the historical research and creative elements, but also project managed a two-year touring photographic exhibition. She is currently working as Scientific Advisor with the Neanderthal Museum, Mettmann, Germany, on a forthcoming exhibition.

Creative Collaborations - Raising Horizons
Creative Collaborations - Breaking Ground


In addition to research and scientific expertise, Rebecca also draws on her literary experience to work creatively on writing and story development, including in film.

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